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Getting better – just like that

Imagine brain training came to you as naturally as breathing, walking and talking.

Imagine you could learn four new words in a foreign language a day - by integrating it into your every day life. Imagine you could improve your logical thinking and math skills with no effort.

Imagine you could train your brain everywhere: on the bus, at the beach, during work and during your breaks.

That's UnlockYourBrain. Your unlock screen becomes your training center. You unlock your phone 60 times a day? Now you can train your brain 60 times a day!

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Never forget to train your brain

  • Learn a language

    Vocab Mode teaches you everything you need to know to pick up a new language, or master one you already know. You can learn in any combination of English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Improve logical thinking and concentration skills

    Being good at mental arithmetic can boost your overall brain fitness, not to mention improving your performance at the supermarket cashier or with the restaurant bill.
  • Research-based approach

    University of Potsdam proved: UnlockYourBrain works! We use the latest research in cognitive science to make learning as fun and easy as possible.
  • Get to know your brain

    Easily track the times your brainpower peaks or drops down during the day, week, or even year.
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Unlocking Screen

Your new Lockscreen

Use the 2 seconds it takes to unlock your phone more effectively by training your brain.

Simply choose the correct solution and slide it to access your phone.

You will barely notice it after a few days - but your brain will thank you!

User Development

Your development

Get access to detailed statistics about your learning behavior.

Track your development over the course of a day, week, month or year.

Vocab Mode

Unlock Vocab and Math

UnlockYourBrain Vocab is improved constantly. Right now you can learn over 4000 words in 21 language combinations.

UnlockYourBrain Math challenges you with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Practice Math

Practice Mode

If you want to put in an extra training session or challenge yourself and others, try the Practice Mode.

Translate as many words as you want in a row or go to your limits with really tricky math problems.

About Us

UnlockYourBrain GmbH is a Berlin-based start up.

We strongly believe in the continuous progress of mankind. The understanding and application of new technologies will shape the world in which we live. Our desire is to be a catalyst for this movement.

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Felix Nienstaedt and Simon Smend have been friends since 2004 and started UnlockYourBrain in early 2013.

In between, among many things, they developed www.epictor.com, an image platform for cutout people used in architectural visualisations. When they don't work they travel, or work without calling it work.

Felix Nienstädt
Felix Nienstaedt Founder

After earning his diploma in Architecture and Engineering Felix went on to become an entrepreneur and programmer.

Simon Smend
Simon Smend Founder

With his degree in Economics Simon has been working as Product and Project Manager for smava.de as well as for Rocket Internet.